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Gully & Site Services by The GE Group.

What Can We Offer

A full and highly professional roadside gully cleaning and emptying service by The GE Group. Suitable for blockages and general maintenance.

Who Is It For?

The service is available for domestic clients experiencing small blockages and larger commercial entities with more complex requirements

Get In Touch For More Info

Please feel free to read further information below of contact us for an informal chat about your requirements.

/// Further Info

A comprehensive and thorough range of Gully & Site Services

The GE Group offers a complete gully cleaning and emptying services for a wide range of customers, for both domestic and larger commercial clients.

As well as emptying and clearing the gully’s, we also provide a full report of our findings including recommendations for any repairs neccesary or more generalised guides for future maiantenance.

If you wish to to discuss any gully requirements of problems you are currently¬†experiencing¬†please feel free to contact is and we’ll be happy to help.

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